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Thanks for visiting our little community of Arthurdale, shopping, eating, drinking and enjoying time with friends and family. To be clear, Holiday cheer lives in Arthurdale, West Virginia. Around here, it's like the rest of the country, we all shop on for the most part because access to mega malls is slim. It's not a complicated place we live in, it's easy. Make Arthurdale, West Virginia your new home or just come to play. It's all here in Arthurdale!
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Arthurdale in West Virginia can be found in the 26520 zip code or postal code and is the kind of place you come to and relax. Leave the day-to-day stresses of live behind. Discover your Arthurdale, discover your happy place.

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Arthurdale, WV, was first known as ?The Reedsville Project? by the government employees who were sent here to establish the first New Deal community under the first of three Franklin Delano Roosevelt administrations.

Prior to FDR?s election in 1933, Eleanor became interested in the work of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), a Quaker organization which had begun a child feeding program in Pennsylvania and West Virginia at President Hoover?s request. Clarence Pickett, secretary of the AFSC, was invited to Hyde Park, NY, FDR?s home, to discuss the AFSC?s efforts at vocational reeducation and subsistence living projects. FDR, after his 1933 inauguration, promoted a bevy of bills to address the problems of the Depression. One of these was a bill to establish a subsistence homestead fund. This bill interested First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and she, along with Clarence Pickett, who by then had been appointed chief of the Stranded Mining and Industrial Populations Section of the Department of the Interior, became involved with The Reedsville Project.

The Reedsville Project, later named Arthurdale after Richard Arthur, from whom the land was purchased, was begun in 1934 as a homestead community. Land was purchased, residents were selected, homes were constructed, more residents were selected, more homes constructed? until there were 165 homes and several community buildings including a school complex, built on approximately 1200 acres in rural Preston County, WV. Today, most of the community buildings still stand and most are part of the New Deal Homestead Museum.

Many of the new residents were displaced miners from the Scott?s Run area near Morgantown, WV, but some moved here from other areas of Preston County and WV. Some of the homes housed the government employees who were assigned jobs here such as teachers, physicians, surveyors, engineers, secretaries, etc.

The homesteaders themselves were responsible for paying rent, working and farming their allotted acreage, and some were employed to build new homes and the administration building, forge, gas station, cooperative store, craft shop, center hall, and school buildings. Some found work in the schools, post office, barber shop, and the Mountaineer Craftsmen?s Association. Some were hired to work in the numerous business ventures which were enticed to the area.

The federal government liquidated its holdings in Arthurdale in 1947; all homes and community buildings were sold to private ownership. In 1984, the community celebrated the 50th Anniversary of its homesteading. This celebration resulted in the establishment of Arthurdale Heritage, Inc., whose mission is to preserve the historic community of Arthurdale.

  • Posted on Friday May 29, 2020
    Urgently needed repairs were finally able to begin today thanks to YOUR generous support! YOU helped us raise $25,000 to make this project a reality. Total project cost is almost $50,000!! Your support combined with 50% matching “Federal funds from the National Park Service, Department of the Interior, and administered by by the West Virginia Department of Arts, Culture and History” has made this preservation possible. Thank you so very much!! #ThisPlaceMatters #ArthurdaleHeritage #EleanorRoosevelt #NewDealCommunity Operations continue here as we read more The post Construction Begins at Arthurdale appeared first on Arthurdale Heritage, Inc. Continue Reading »
  • Posted on Wednesday May 20, 2020
    In honor of Memorial Day, Arthurdale Heritage will be closed this Friday May 22 through Monday May 25. Thank you to all in our families, our communities, and our country who have served. Pictured below is the dedication of the World War II memorial honoring the young men of Arthurdale who bravely served for their country. Thank you all. The post Closed for Memorial Day Weekend appeared first on Arthurdale Heritage, Inc. Continue Reading »
  • Posted on Monday May 04, 2020
    Hello gallopers! Due to the COVID-19 crisis, we have decided not to hold our Goat Gallop 5k in the traditional manner. This year, you’ll be able to walk/run the course in Arthurdale OR from your hometown! Participants will have from May 20 – June 20 to complete the race in one of two ways. If you want to participate in the virtual 5k, simply register through our Run Signup page and complete the course from any location. Participants in the virtual race can still read more The post “Virtual” Goat Gallop 2020 appeared first on Arthurdale Heritage, Inc. Continue Reading »
  • Posted on Monday April 20, 2020
    You may already be familiar with the #GivingTuesday usually held the week after Thanksgiving, which calls for global giving. This is an adjunct event to that, promoted by the same organization in response to the COVID-19 crisis. Held on May 5th, it will be a day of unity and giving to help with the effects of worldwide shutdowns. AHI will be participating in this event! We have a few fun things planned for the day, so keep an eye on read more The post AHI Will be Participating in #GivingTuesdayNow appeared first on Arthurdale Heritage, Inc. Continue Reading »
  • Posted on Wednesday April 15, 2020
    It is with profound sadness we share with you the passing of homestead descendant Edna Reber Day. Edna will always be remembered for her ever-present smile and devotion to her husband Bob and children, Terry Day and Sue Day-Perroots . Personally, I will remember Edna as one of the kindest, happiest people I have known. I was fortunate to have grown up next door to the Day family. Arthurdale gained a special angel today. Our deepest condolences to her family and friends. read more The post Edna Reber Day Passes Away appeared first on Arthurdale Heritage, Inc. Continue Reading »
  • Posted on Wednesday April 08, 2020
    We at AHI like to highlight some of the artifacts that are on display in the museum that don’t often get discussed in depth on our guided tours. These two objects were generously donated by Beverly Slagle in 2018 and both hold a special place in our World War II room. They are mementos from the Army-Navy Production award ceremony held at Arthurdale on May 18, 1945  to celebrate the war effort at home. Army-Navy “E” Awards were given out read more The post Artifact Spotlight – WWII Army-Navy Production “E” Award Booklet appeared first on Arthurdale Heritage, Inc. Continue Reading »
  • Posted on Monday April 06, 2020
    In Monday’s video, join our AmeriCorps Marissa as she explores the different styles of homestead houses in Arthurdale. Learn about the struggles the builders faced initially and what makes each homestead unique!   The foundation of the Arthurdale Homestead Community was subsistence agriculture. In Wednesday’s video, learn how the homesteaders supported themselves and their families through farming.   It’s another Fairfax Facts Friday! In this week’s video, learn how the Fairfax Cabin was used by the different owners of Arthurdale’s read more The post Inside the Museum: New Videos! appeared first on Arthurdale Heritage, Inc. Continue Reading »
  • Posted on Monday March 30, 2020
    Ever wonder how “Arthurdale” got its name? Watch this video to learn more about the history of the Arthur Family and how their land would become the site of the first New Deal Homestead Community in the United States. Youtube: The Arthurs Who were the original homesteaders? In this video, learn how Arthurdale’s homesteaders were selected and about the Homesteader Test. Youtube: Becoming a Homesteader It’s our first Fairfax Facts Friday! Watch this video to learn about John Fairfax, a read more The post This week’s videos: The Arthurs, Becoming a Homesteader, and Fairfax Facts Friday appeared first on Arthurdale Heritage, Inc. Continue Reading »
  • Posted on Friday March 27, 2020
    Arthurdale Heritage might be closed to the public, but our AmeriCorps have been working hard to bring you unique online content! AHI has launched a new web series, uploaded on our YouTube channel and our Facebook page, that will share with you all Arthurdale’s unique history. Our fully guided tour gives you a very in-depth look at Arthurdale and the homesteaders, but there is so much more we want to share with you all. We will be exploring artifacts in read more The post Inside the Museum Web Series appeared first on Arthurdale Heritage, Inc. Continue Reading »
  • Posted on Friday March 27, 2020
    Gwynne Mesimer is the daughter of Reverend Charles Eble, who used to be the pastor of Arthurdale Community Presbyterian Church. She shared her story with us, which we are now sharing with you all! She details moving to Arthurdale, some of the community members who impacted her, and her reflections on her family. Have a story you would like to share with us? Email ahi@arthurdaleheritage to give us a glimpse into life in Arthurdale – during any decade.    I was read more The post Growing up in Arthurdale – A History of the Eble Family by Gwynne Mesimer appeared first on Arthurdale Heritage, Inc. Continue Reading »